Equity Membership

Country Hills Golf Club currently has available Equity Shares for sale.

Thank you for your interest in joining Country Hills Golf Club. We invite you to consider the exciting opportunities that membership in our club will provide. Let's start by saying that your lifestyle will definitely be in for a fabulous change.

The prime characteristic of the equity membership is that the membership is transferable in accordance with club rules and regulations and the majority of the sales proceeds are retained by you. Country Hills offers an equity membership, which can be sold by the owner without restriction with a transfer fee of 25%.

Country Hills Golf Club Equity Membership Features:

  • Equity Ownership is Limited to 850 Shareholders (425 per course ratio)
  • A Country Hills Golf Club share is transferable
  • As an Equity Member, you may stand for election to the Board of Directors of Country Hills Golf Club and are encouraged to serve on various Club Standing Committees
  • Playing rights can be assigned to members of your immediate family
  • A Shareholder does not pay an initiation fee on joining Country Hills Golf Club
  • The most rewarding aspect of Equity Membership at Country Hills Golf Club is the play. The courses are fair yet a demanding test of your playing ability, a course that will challenge you season after season.
  • The fact that your Equity Membership also represents a remarkable ownership opportunity, raises the proposition to one of unquestionable appeal.

We would love to welcome you, your business associates & family and friends to an exceptional Club experience!

For further information, please call 403.226.7782 or email Brent Syme

Equity Shareholder Membership Application

Click here to download Equity Membership – Application Form