Invitational Membership

Country Hills Golf Club offers invitational memberships, which provides a one-year membership with the same full club priviledges our shareholders enjoy. You will be eligible to play in all member events and are sure to meet new people. 
The cost for first-time annual members is $4,245.00 plus GST. This entitles you to unrestricted golfing privileges for the season and an opportunity to experience all the benefits of a fully private club.
The minimum food and beverage spending requirements is $630.00 for a single, or $900.00 for a family. With this membership, you will also have booking privledges to our banquet and meeting rooms, for your business meetings, conferences or private parties.

If you are interested in an Invitational membership or would like more information, please review the application form below, and contact General Manager Brent Syme.

Invitational Membership - Application Form

Brent Syme
 | General Manager